Neighborhood and peasant market, Alaçatı mills, historical church/mosque, historically decorated streets with houses with bay windows await you.

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It is a peasant market that is set up in the village of Köyiçi every Saturday. It is built on a wide area from the street leading to the Gendarmerie to Çeşme Alaçatı bus station. Antiques, local products, fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits directly from the farmers, Alaçatı homemade spreads etc. there are many options. Tour companies organize daily tours only for Alaçatı market every week.


It is in the center of Alaçatı and in an elevated position that offers a bird's-eye panoramic view. İzmir Çeşme is located on one of the highest points of Alaçatı, it was moved from the 1850s to the present. It has become the symbol of Alaçatı. There are 4 windmills of different sizes that have resisted history and natural conditions. Enjoy watching Alaçatı from a bird's eye view while sipping your gumdrop Turkish coffee at the cafe located around its mills.


Hacımemiş is a small neighborhood in Alaçatı. There are elaborate restaurants, taverns, cafes and shops in Alaçatı Hacımeye, which has attracted attention since 2014. It is a street about 150 meters long. From the evening hours, there is almost no place to step.

Kemalpasa Street

Alaçatı is a travel street. It is approximately 1 km long. You can find almost everything you are looking for in Çeşme Alaçatı Kemalpaşa Street. There are many cafes, taverns, sales shops of famous brands, souvenir shops and antique shops. You can shop in Alaçatı Kemalpaşa street and have a good time both day and night.

Mosque / Church

It was built as a Greek church in 1874 using the masonry rubble technique. Later it was converted into a mosque. It is currently used as both a mosque and a church at the same time. It can be counted among the rare examples of inter-religious tolerance. It is in the center of Alaçatı. Part of the interior is separated by a curtain and the back is a church that can be visited by tourists.