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As Pitoresk Hotel, we would like you to know that we have meticulously taken all measures for you against the Covid-19 virus during this difficult pro

Our Covid 19 Measures

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This page was added on 28.03.2022 . It was last updated on 30.03.2022 .

We would like you to know that as Pitoresk Hotel, we have taken all the precautions for you against the Covid-19 virus during this difficult process we have been through. Your health and satisfaction are of non-negligible importance to us.

At the hotel entrance, we measure and record the temperature of our guests, visitors and employees with a non-contact thermal thermometer without exception. When we detect a body temperature above normal, we do not accept the potential patient to our hotel by notifying the relevant public unit in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law. If the potential patient is currently staying at our hotel, we forward the situation to him/her to the nearest health institution in accordance with the KVKK, or we accompany him to the isolation room and report the situation to the relevant health institution. All the products we offer to you are disinfected and kept in closed packaging (room card, pen, etc.) so that they cannot be touched again until you use them.

All of our linens and towels are disinfected by washing at high degrees. All cleaning, disinfection and protective clothing products we use in our hotel are T.R. They are products approved by the Ministry of Health.

In all food and beverage areas; Table-chair distances are arranged in accordance with social distance. In our food and beverage units, dishes are washed not by hand, but with a dishwasher and at high temperatures. According to the environment, presentations are made with disposable materials. Disinfection is carried out regularly in our kitchen and warehouse areas.

Health checks of all our employees are carried out periodically. Our pool value measurements are made twice a day and recorded. With this; An audit is carried out once a month by an accredited company authorized by the Ministry of Health.

  • Ministry of Health Covid-19 Hotline: 184
  • Emergency Call Center: 112
  • Çeşme State Hospital: 0090(232)712-0777 (7.5 km)
  • Dokuz Eylül University Hospital: 0090(232)412-2222 (65 km)
  • Alaçatı Health Center: 0090(232)16-8008 (1 km)