There are many beaches that can be reached in a short time such as Alaçatı Port, Ilıca, Paşalimanı, Çeşme and Dalyanköy. All famous beaches are here.

Alaçatı Beaches

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Ilıca Beach

There are a lot of nightclubs,bars and beaches which are popular across the country . and you can see famous people in here.After parties are demand a lot .Especially beaches are turned entertainment places at night.


This incredibly beautiful beach is 10 kilometers from Cesme.Sea water is cold.Water degree turn it’s normal from August to October.There are some beach clubs and cafes in this beach.

Ayayorgi Bay

This awesome bay is 1 km from Cesme.Special beaches in here are beach at day but they are turned to nightclub at night.


Water degree is very ideal,clean and it has no waves.Parties are made here in evening arevery popular.