Access by car to the front of our hotel is very easy from the moment you arrive in Alaçatı. There are many private parking spaces around the hotel.

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You can easily come near the hotel by your vehicle.there are a lot of autopark near the hotel.

The transportation of Pitoresk Alacati Boutique Hotel is very easy.When you turn the Alacati direction from autobahn First big intersection is before Macro Center.When you enter the Alacati,you will see Macro Center on the right side.There is second and smaller intersection 100 meters ahead.When 150 mt ahead of the intersection turn left and than turn right the first street and if you go to and of the road ,you will come in front of our hotel.Also you can see different transportation way on the map.

You can run navigation ,when you click the icon which color is green at the bottom of screen.