Alaçatı is in the strait of the peninsula and the sea water is cold on one side and warm on the other. It is famous for its wind blowing year round.

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Alaçatı, which is the center of attraction, has many popular and experienced entertainment venues, restaurants, taverns, party venues and beaches.

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There are many beaches that can be reached in a short time such as Alaçatı Port, Ilıca, Paşalimanı, Çeşme and Dalyanköy. All famous beaches are here.

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Neighborhood and peasant market, Alaçatı mills, historical church/mosque, historically decorated streets with houses with bay windows await you.

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Wind Surf

Alaçatı Port is one of the most beautiful windsurfing areas in the world. Thanks to the surf schools, you can both take a vacation and learn to surf.

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Alaçatı is the district of İzmir. It is connected to Çeşme district. It is the most popular holiday and tourism center in the Aegean Region.

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Covid 19

As Pitoresk Hotel, we would like you to know that we have meticulously taken all measures for you against the Covid-19 virus during this difficult pro

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Historical windmills located in the heart of Alaçatı where you can see the whole of Alaçatı from the top. Alaçatı windmills are the symbol of Alaçatı.

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Alaçatı Bazaar

Alaçatı market is a market that is held every Saturday and has many products. There are tours to the market with fresh fruit, vegetables and antiques.

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Fish Auction

Alaçatı fish auction is a place where fresh fish is auctioned. Fresh and delicious fish is sold with very entertaining auctions at the fish auction.

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Hacımemiş is a neighborhood in Alaçatı with various venues. Most of Alaçatı's most visited venues are located in Hacımemiş. It has best cafes, bars.

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Kemalpasa Street

Kemalpaşa Street is one of the most famous places of Alaçatı. Alaçatı Kemalpaşa Street contains many cafes, bars and taverns along the street.

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